RADAR POSITIONS on the Normandy map:

OVERVIEW PLANES – We fly a lot of planes changing through a rolling planeset (switching each Friday). Do you want to buy a specific plane? Check here if it’s included in a specific map (Normandy, Bodenplatte, Moscow, Stalingrad or Kuban) or only available as a Collector plan. Download pdf

DETAILED AIRFIELD MAPS (not relevant at the moment because we fly on the Normandy map) – You will find a detailed map of the IL2-Bodenplatte Theater of War and detailed pages per airfield where the airfield ground targets are situated, the linked factory or shipping convoy is located. And a rough indication of the Radar Antenna way outside the field and its range. If you want to capture airfields you can’t take off without them. Current version: V8 / July 13 – 2021

Sample of the map of F1 Amsterdam. Download all airfield maps & helper here