Game play

The goal of WB Clash of Eagles is to conquer all airfields. The goal of the enemy is exactly the same… to capture yours. The side that eventually defeats the enemy by conquering all its fields wins the war and completes a Tour. But wait… there’s more.


Capture airfields (short version)

How? – Close the airfield by destroying all the hard targets and then drop at least 8 paras before the field is repaired.
How do i know its closed? – Completely destroyed structures on a field will pour out thick black smoke for 15 minutes. When everything is down you read in-game a “airfield xx is closed” message
What is the repair time? – Every destroyed hard target is rebuild in 30 minutes and has it’s own timer. If you destroyed the airfield’s linked target first, it takes 60 minutes to rebuild.
What are linked targets? – Linked targets are ships (Convoy) or a Factory connected to the field (check ingame map for the linked targets). When destroyed the Convoy or Factory will be rebuild in 90 minutes.
Is there radar? – Yes. Every field has one Early Warning Radar. Positioned way outside the field. Destroy it to blind your enemy. The connected radio hut on the airfield will blow up too.
Where are the radar posts? – Check the Downloads section for the location of the linked radar posts per field (and a PDF airfield maps & helper when we use the Bodenplatte map again).


Capture airfields (all the details version)

  • Destroy all hard targets and the field will be closed. Than capture an airfield by dropping at least 8 paratroopers within the main boundaries of the closed airfield. Attack nearby fields or airfields way behind enemy lines. It’s al up to you.
  • Each airfield has a certain number of hard targets; Control tower, hangars, ammo and fuel storages. Destroy all these hard targets to close an airfield. Completely destroyed structures on a field will pour out thick black smoke for 30 minutes. This is your visual reference; as long as you see the thick black smoke the structure is down. When all structures are down you will read the on-screen ‘field closed’ message. If you destroyed the linked target (factory or convoy) first, than the rebuild time is 60 minutes instead of the standard 30 minutes.
  • When the field is closed, the former owner is not able to spawn there!
  • Remind that AAA down is not needed to close an airfield (though it is very advisable). AAA will not pour out black smoke and will always rebuild in 15 minutes (!). Drop a minimum of 8 paratroopers when the field is closed in order to capture the field.
  • Destroy a factory or shipping convoy connected to an airfield. These are the so called ‘linked targets’. By doing so – prior to attacking an airfield – each structure you destroy will take 30 minutes longer to rebuild. When a factory is down or a shipping convoy is sunk you and the enemy will get a notification that its closed/sunk. The factory or convoy itslef will be down for 90 minutes. The enemy however can deploy a cargo plane (JU52 for the Axis and the C-47 for the Allies) with paratroopers in order to repair a factory. Ships however will remain sunk for 90 minutes, thus can not be repaired.
  • Destroy enemy radar installations connected to an airfield. Successfully destroying a radar antenna results in blinding the enemy in that part of the map. The radiohut on a field is connected to this antenna. The radio hut on the field will blow up if you destroy the connected antenna. Now the way is clear to sneak in undetected.
  • Fly the trusty ‘bus’. Grab that JU52 (or a C47 Dakota) and capture closed airfields by dropping a minimum of 8 paratroopers. No doubt that the enemy is looking out for the bus when their field is closed. So extra points for you if you make it!
    Also drop paratroopers on chutes to repair destroyed factories. This time they will be engineers but you have to drop them very close to the structure. They hate long walks.
  • Bombers, jabo’s and transport planes play a significant role in WB – Clash of Eagles Arena. However, fighters are needed to keep the AAA’s down, escort jabo’s and bombers and ofcourse protect the vulnerable cargo planes on their way to capture a closed airfield or repair a factory.
  • We will add special missions to disrupt your enemy’s war effort later on. (trains, truck convoys, bridges, Flak batteries etc)

This is an airwar server, so basically no rules, so any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, it’s ok :). However switching sides is discouraged. Kill and destroy and have fun doing it.
Paratroopers dropped by JU52 or C47 to capture a field or repair a factory are allowed to be shot down! Also suppressing the enemy while they start up, repair or refuel, you may want to tickle them with a little strafe…

SERVER RULES – The don’ts
Don’t be a dick. No insulting other players. No (player)chute killing. No teamkilling, this includes friendly ground targets. There’s an automatic system in place to detect this, and players will be punished if they TK or destroy friendly ground targets. If you are a victim of a false positive, send us an PM via Discord. Don’t use the voteban system. If you have something to report about a player’s behaviour, do it directly to us, via Il-2 forums using PM, on Discord (PM).


We would love to get your feedback on the concept, rules and realism settings. Do you have any suggestions? Be sure to reach out: Join us on Facebook, Discord or forum.