Plane sets

WB Clash of Eagles introduces 7 different planesets.
Every monday the planeset advances to the next level, giving both sides different (advanced) aircraft.
Planeset 7 might extend if the war is close to being won by either side. Otherwise, it will revert back to #1.

Bf 109 E7xx
MC 202xxx
Bf 109 F2xxx
Bf 109 F4xxxx
Bf 109 G2xxxx
Fw 190 A3xxxxx
Bf 109 G4xxxxx
Fw 190 A5xxxx
Bf 109 G6xxxx
Fw 190 A6xxxx
Bf 109 G6 Latexxx
Fw 190 A8xxx
Fw 190 D9xx
Bf 109 G14xx
Bf 109 K4xx
Me 262x
Ju 87 D3xxxxxxx
Bf 110 E2xxxx
HS 129 B2xxxxxx
Bf 110 G2xxxx
Ju 88 A4xxxxxxx
He 111 H6xxxxxxx
He 111 H16xxxxx
P40 E1xxx
Hurricane Mk IIxxxxxxx
Spit Vxxxxxx
P39 L-1xxxx
Mosquito F.B. Mk.VIxxxxx
P-47 D22xxxx
P-47 D28xxxx
P-38 J25xxxx
Typhoon MK 1bxxxx
Spitfire IXexxxx
P-51 b/cxxx
Spitfire XIVxx
P-51 d-15xx

Do you want to buy a specific plane? Check first if it’s part of a specific map or only available as a Collector plane. Download pdf

  • modifications limitations are currently not implemented
  • we strive for balancing vs being historically accurate
  • The planeset continues to rotate, even if the map has been won by either side.