The goal of WB Clash of Eagles is to conquer your enemy’s airfields. The goal of the enemy is exactly the same… to capture yours. The side that eventually defeats the enemy by conquering all its fields wins the war. But wait…there’s more!

A strategic target linked to each field can be attacked and destroyed to increase the time hard structures (hangars, ammo and fuel dumps, oil storage and the control tower) will be rebuild. And radar antenna’s positioned way outside an airfield warns you if an enemy is in sight. Destroying the radar however will make you blind instantly and the enemy can now sneak in undetected to attack your fields. However when the enemy is really close the AAA will open up and its crew will report that and a flashing plane icon will appear near the field on the map.
Any damage you inflict on your enemy will be carried over to the next day. A war can be short or long. Plan carefully. Timing is key.

Attack, defend and score

Fighter pilots make movies, bomber pilots make history”.

Attack bold and straightforward, with guns blazing and bombs exploding, or sneak in the backdoor; way behind enemy lines. Fly Nap of Earth or at Angels 30. It’s all up to you.

Live Stats

But no matter what you do or who you are, we keep track of every sortie, every kill, every death, each hard target you destroy, every paratrooper you drop successfully. All your stats and honors of your squadron can be checked: You score with every kill, every structure bombed, every para dropped, every field captured and every war won. Be sure to bring your plane safely back!

Eventually we plan to create and host special historical events on a European and US friendly timeslot (Like Warbird’s Scenario Lites, EMC’s etc)

Rolling planeset

Every Friday we advance one level to introduce new planes which for both sides. There are 7 levels in total. Want to know which? Take a look at our planeset pages.

Where to start?

The place to be when you’re new to IL-2.

Start here if you’ve flown IL-2 before,